“Neblett is a writer who dreams like Isaac Asimov and thinks like Haruki Murakami, but maintains a voice all his own..." (Kathie McGuire, publisher)

BJ Neblett is the author of the popular historical memoir Ice Cream Camelot about his growing up during the Kennedy administration.

BJ Neblett was born in the heart of South Philadelphia. At the tender age of 17 he gained national exposure as a writer appearing in Encounter: An Anthology Of Modern Poetry. An avid writer, he authored dozens of short stories, poems and articles. After service in the army during the Viet Nam war, BJ fulfilled his childhood dream. Embarking on a 30 year odyssey, he built a career across the US as popular radio DJ Billy James. During this time he honed his writing skills on radio scripts and commercial copy. Known as one of the last true personality jocks, he also helped write the book on club beat mixing. His savvy segues and tempting tempos helped define “thumpus uninteruptus” during the ‘70’s and ‘80’s. Presently he is hard at work on his memoirs; a book about growing up during the Kennedy era, a short story collection, and a sequel to Elysian Dreams. When not working, BJ can usually be found listening to his extensive record collection, tinkering with his old cars, playing soft ball, or just relaxing in his Seattle home with one of his vintage guitars.